Published Work

72 Hours of Insanity - Vol. 3

This anthology includes one short story by Katie Evans as well as two stories written by a team that Katie was a member of. 

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72 Hours of Insanity - Vol. 4

This anthology includes stories by Katie Evans written during the 2017 Writers' Games. 

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Tales from the Toybox

Katie was recently notified that her submission to the Tales from the Toybox anthology has been selected for inclusion.  More information to come!

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Manuscripts and Works-in-Progress


I am querying two picture book manuscripts and one middle grade novel at this time.  They are described below.

I also recently submitted my middle grade novel to Pitch Wars.  Winners will be announced in October!

Aunt Claire's Pet Care


AUNT CLAIRE’S PET CARE is a 41,500-word middle grade novel perfect for animal lovers and budding scientists. It is good fit for fans of MRS. SMITH’S SPY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS and THE MISCALCULATIONS OF LIGHTENING GIRL. This manuscript is the product of 2017 National Novel Writing Month.

When two sisters are orphaned, they move to a small town with their veterinarian aunt and take on various chores at her clinic with a cast of quirky animals. Too bad Isabel and Maya fight worse than the cats and dogs. Little do they know their sisterhood will be tested like never before.

Aunt Claire has a big secret – she’s involved in complex genetic engineering research and someone is after her work. While Aunt Claire is altering service animals to enhance their assistance skills, her rival, Dr. Rodriguez, is out to create soldier-like animals that he can sell to the highest bidder. When Aunt Claire is kidnapped, and her animals are stolen, the girls must work together to save her. But doing so could expose her research to the world and allow the data to fall into Dr. Rodriguez’s very dangerous hands.

The Christmas Code

THE  CHRISTMAS CODE is a 669-word fresh twist on Christmas stories for  contemporary kids age 6-8.  Disaster strikes on Christmas Eve when a boy  named Lyski hacks into Santa’s Naughty or Nice list. He’s trying to get  extra gifts despite being naughty all year. The head elf contacts a  girl named Tavi who must counter the hack with enough time for Santa to  make his deliveries. Lyski learns that the only way to get on the nice  list is by being kind and polite, following THE CHRISTMAS CODE.  

Broccoli is Trying to Kill Me

BROCCOLI  IS TRYING TO KILL ME is a 231-word picture book about very dangerous  vegetables. Despite dad’s insistence that broccoli is good for you, a  child is in the fight of their life against a mob of evil vegetables.  The vegetables pull a lot of punches when dad’s back is turned, but in  the end, eating all your vegetables is the safest way to survive.  


I have several other picture books that are still works in progress as well as an early draft of a chapter book.

I have spent the last few months editing my NaNoWriMo project AUNT CLAIRE'S PET CARE, which I submitted to Pitch Wars.

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